Pinto Art Museum

To visit Pinto Art Museum has always been on my top to-go list since it has been a haven for photo enthusiasts plus my indestructible astonishment for museums. My heart was singing in delight because just this month I was able to see it for real. Pinto Art Museum is a  40 minute to 1 hour drive … Continue reading Pinto Art Museum

I Made Mistakes and That’s Okay

Some people made mistakes and they used these mistakes to change in a positive way, some realized their mistakes then motivated themselves not to repeat the same mistakes they made in the past. Some were aware of it but did nothing. And others are still doing the same thing they did in the past and … Continue reading I Made Mistakes and That’s Okay

21 and legal! (Proceed with caution)

And it's official, I'm 21 years old! Time flies so fast. I can still remember the day I celebrated my 7th birthday as fresh as the morning dew dripping from one leaf to another and now my 21st. I rarely feel that I am an adult but it comes down with a realization that I … Continue reading 21 and legal! (Proceed with caution)

Kuta Balwarte – Unli Chicken Wings

Who would have thought that this time of price hike in the Philippines and everything else in between, you'll going to find something which is way affordable than you expected. We Filipinos, have different ways to tighten our finances and always on the look out for which is cheaper. We are in the era of … Continue reading Kuta Balwarte – Unli Chicken Wings

Food-Hunting: South StrEAT Gourmand Container Park

We, especially our tongues and stomach have been wanting to eat scrumptious food and in relation to this is that, we want to satisfy not just our tongue but our stomach capacity also. (lol *insert my grinning face*) . In my case, there's no difference when I choose where and what to eat. Basically, I just … Continue reading Food-Hunting: South StrEAT Gourmand Container Park

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe Tagaytay

As time passes by, more cafes, grills and food pubs are sprouting in different places. And as it goes, our standards are heightened up. People really wanted to go to coffee shops which have, of course, good food, budget wise, striking interiors and unique theme. Yesterday, I was in the middle of searching for food … Continue reading Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe Tagaytay