Malipay Diaries Pt. 1

It has been my heart to help children in the most remote places in our country. Whenever there’s an opportunity, I always step my foot to the movement. I had a happy childhood. And when I say happy childhood, I mean, I’d been a part of children who played on the street. I played “Piko”, “Tumbang Preso”, “Secu-base” and my favorite “Patintero”. I also had comfort when it comes to living and education. I had food for my stomach and money for my education. My Parents were able to provide.

But not all children have this kind of privilege. And this pains my heart when I see some who don’t maximize the opportunity that have been given by the Most High. It saddens me that they are taking it for granted, knowing that there are children who desire to be in their place.

Before, I didn’t know why I am attached to children so much. Now, I know. Like it felt, that I’ve been sent from heaven to do this mission. That, even though my childhood days are now memories, I don’t want to leave it all behind there. I want to continue witnessing my childhood from another children.

DSC_0706 (2)

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