An Open Letter to Those People Who Talked Behind My Back

You can't bring me down

It’s ironic how someone whom you shared good memories, whom you treated well and offered genuine friendship can actually build some accusation against you. To the point wherein they made some group conversation, and guess who was the topic? Me. Yes, you heard it right. Me.

It all started when I was linked to my friend who I addressed as my older brother. So there was no malice at all. And as a matter of fact, there were five of them whom I treated as my friends. All of them are boys. To give you a hint, I grew up with almost boys around me. So, I was kinda used to it. They have girlfriends, yes, but I made sure to impose limitations when it comes to my actions towards them.

I wasn’t aware that my actions were giving rounds to them. I had no clue because I’m the person who doesn’t think negative against people. I always look on their best side. I just don’t want to be some grumpy person who always frown like I shoulder the problems of the whole world. Their hypothesis strengthened when that older brother of mine decided to  break up with his girlfriend. And that girlfriend of his, messaged me on facebook asking if I was the other woman hahahhaha! like duh? This was the first time I encountered wherein it’s a big issue having friends with boys. Because in school, in my everyday life, there was none.

So here’s the big catch, their were actually saying that I was the reason behind the break up but as I said a while ago, I wasn’t aware their were actually talking about me, making rumors and making issues in everything that I do including my laugh hahahahha! like Oh.em.gee seriously? I can’t even believe every bits of it.

And then one day, that ex-girlfriend of his made friends with my friends which I am talking about here, oh correction, their not my friends anymore because they shut me out of their world and where was I? There, on one side of the corner thinking what wrong did I do to them. But from what I remember, I woke up one day  seeing their pictures in social media sites going on some places, food trippin’ and having a great time with the ex-girlfriend. It all made sense when someone spilled it out to me. Thanks to that human.

My heart was actually broken when I became aware of everything. I was desolated. I offered genuine friendship to them and I guess it meant nothing to them. This experience of mine has awakened me to the real world. Not all of them will treat you fairly. Not all of them will give you true friendship. Not all of them will embrace who you are. And whatever I do, there will always be people who will hate every single thread of me just because I’m being myself.

So I just want to say to the people who made my first work experience hard, I do still want to restore the friendship but obviously you guys don’t want me anymore. I hope that if ever you have issues to your friends, go straight to them and address the problem. Don’t ever do to them what you have done to me. I want you to know that I had no bitterness anymore to all of you. I had forgiven you . Because as long as the Lord loves me, I will still love you guys. I hope your heart will have peace as my heart experiences it right now.

And to the ex-girlfriend of the man who courts me now, I hope you have forgiven your ex-man for all the shortcomings he had committed and yourself also. But I will say this to you with all confidence, that, I, hadn’t contributed any drops to destroy your now ceased relationship. I want you to know that whatever rumors you spread, only fools will digest it. People who know me, know me. And always know that whatever you do, whatever you say, You can’t bring me down. I love you with the love of the Most high.



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