Laoag Namamayagpag

It has always been my desire to go to Ilocos since it’s my Granny’s birthplace. But on top of that, I wanted to see for myself what people have always been telling me. Last September, I got the chance to go there. To start off, let me take you to ..

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Paoay Church

Paoay Church or Saint Augustine Church, is one of the oldest baroque churches here in the Philippines. It was fully finished in the year 1710. It is famous for its enormous buttresses on the back and on the side of it. It is National Cultural Treasure, declared in 1973 by the government of the Philippines and a Unesco World Heritage Site under the group of Baroque Churches of the Philippines in 1993. The massive buttresses were made to adapt the seismic condition of the country. The walls on the lower part are made up of large coral and bricks at the upper levels. The bell tower and facade were separately constructed as a protection against earthquake and to keep the damages minimal when it happens. Let us see again the the over all view..


Another take off is at..

Malacañang Palace of the North where the Marcos’es resided during their power.

You can see the lavishness of their lifestyle during those days through this place. The Marcos family often spent their holidays here back in the days. As you can see, Its interiors have colonial touches with its wooden furnitures and capiz-made windows, not to mention the wide veranda which overlooks the beauty of Paoay Lake.  This 2-storey mansion was said to be given to late former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos by her wife and first lady then, Imelda Marcos, as a gift for his 60th birthday. This was also used as an office and venue to welcome local and foreign elite people.

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Office of the Former President, Ferdinand Marcos

And lastly,

The Laoag Sand Dunes

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Laoag Sand Dunes

So far, you can compare the quality of sand here to the Dubai’s. We went there  in September so you can see some vegetation since the place experienced the heat of the sun and water of the rain. Riding the 4 x 4 was thrilling , same as riding the roller coaster. The only difference is that in roller coaster you are safe with its harness but in 4 x 4, just your hands gripping the handlebars of the vehicle.

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a photo of me riding a 4 x 4

Another enjoyable but not so safe moment is sandboarding, same as surfboarding but in sand. I had the chance to do the two. It all gave me adrenaline rush that my energy was so on point that time, It all made me laugh and scream my heart out.

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a photo where the starting point of sand boarding happens.
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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

To sum up, I did sand boarding for about 4 times I think. hahahahaha! Pretty bad ass I guess. To all those people who wanted to visit Ilocos, Laoag Sand Dunes is highly recommended.

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