Di Na Ako Tatakbo

Wag na, wag na Mahal. Wag mo na ipilit kung di mo na kaya. Kung sakali man na may mahal ka ng iba, Pasumamo ko sayo, agad mong sabihin. Maari bang ipaalam mo. Matatanggap ko kung sa ganoong paraan ay naging tapat ka pa din. Magpapasalamat ako dahil naging tapat ka sayong nararamdaman, kahit hindi [...]

Tapsilog is love

We have this moment of not-in-the-mood thingy. Yes, I have that too. It's like having all the opportunity to do something but too tired to function for everything. But do you know what can break that? TAPSILOG! Yes! Praise God for this food. My comfort, energy booster and happy tummy food. I can actually eat [...]

20 Things you should learn in your Twenties

1. Don't take life so seriously that you planned everything like a patterned knitting. 2. Make yourself available when someone's needing it. It might be a call, a comforting hug or a coffee drink on your favorite coffee shop. Just make yourself available. 3. Don't focus so much in your career or earning money. There [...]

Turning Page

I’ve waited a hundred years But I’d wait a million more for you Nothing prepared me for What the privilege of being yours would do If I had only felt the warmth within your touch If I had only seen how you smile when you blush Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate [...]