20 Things you should learn in your Twenties


1. Don’t take life so seriously that you planned everything like a patterned knitting.

2. Make yourself available when someone’s needing it. It might be a call, a comforting hug or a coffee drink on your favorite coffee shop. Just make yourself available.

3. Don’t focus so much in your career or earning money. There are so much more than that.

4. Say ‘I love you’ to those people you love. Tomorrow might be too late. Say it and mean it.

5. Read books, more of it. It will help you broaden your mind and see new level of perspective in life.

6. Know that it’s not quantity but quality. Learn to spend time on lesser group of friends. Because by this time, you are starting to know who your true friends are.

7. Be a volunteer whether on outreach program, animal welfare, GOs or NGOs or by merely helping those people in need. Being a volunteer doesn’t mean you should be part of a group, as long as you help people without expecting something in return.. You are a  Volunteer.

8. Don’t share everything on social media. There are parts in your life which aren’t meant to be shared or be publicized. Practice some privacy ’cause we won’t be seeing much these days, I assure you that.

9. Laugh more often. It’s both healthy in body and mind.

10. Travel and see new places. It’s not just about seeing new stuff but you will be able to learn how to blend in new cultures and people. In this way, you are making yourself flexible.

11. Eat whatever you want to eat as long as it doesn’t affect your health. Eat but in moderation.

12. Pamper yourself. Spa, massage, haircut, manicure, pedicure or skin treatment. Make your body feel delighted.

13. Save money. You shouldn’t spend all of it buying luxuries. You don’t always need to be on trend. It’s better to have something tomorrow than to have everything today.

14. Learn to be happy alone. Sometimes, it’s better to spend time alone whether watching movie or eating in your favorite resto all by yourself. You don’t need to do everything with someone.

15. Learn to put your feet in others’ shoes. Learn to see the way other people see it. Through this, you’ll understand them more.

16. Dream. Never stop dreaming until your dreams become reality.

17. Never lose hope. This makes us unstoppable.

18. Learn to be on your knees. Pray when things go out of hand. Because the Ultimate Being in the highest heavens is able to put things back together.

19. Be yourself. Remember, you’ll never be completely happy when you walk and follow other’s shadow.

20. Never stop growing. You age day by day and you should let your mind age also. Maturity is somewhat the key.




I hope this list is helpful for my co-20s. Let me know what you feel after reading this. Comment below 🙂 Cheers to 20th!

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