Merlin’s Beard!: The Nook Cafe

If you're a Potterhead, this cafe is for you. I've been rooting for this place since I saw it from other blogs and wanted to go here as my feet itched so. I'm aware of the fact that it takes a lot of effort and money, definitely!, to fly off to London to experience the magical … Continue reading Merlin’s Beard!: The Nook Cafe

Better Love – Hozier

And I've never loved a darker blue Than the darkness I have known in you, own from you You, whose heart would sing of anarchy You would laugh at meanings, guarantees, so beautifully When our truth is burned from history By those who figured justice in fond memory, witness me Like fire weeping from a … Continue reading Better Love – Hozier

Say Cheese!

So I recently looked at our albums, those albums which have my memories on it since I was a baby. I saw random pictures of mine which I looked spontaneous ahahaha! I had this different poses which I looked like I'm a finalist to Asia's next top model. I wore kikay outfits before when I was a … Continue reading Say Cheese!