Downside of an OFW


Today, I receive a very bad news. My Tita who is working abroad is experiencing abusive behavior from her employer. She called my other Tita last night and she said that she is being deprived of sleep because her employer wanted her to work  in the middle of the night, being shouted even though she didn’t do something wrong and shouldering every freakin’ work that she shouldn’t be working. On the contract that she signed, she is only tasked to take care of the child, but as she was telling to my other Tita, she handles pretty much everything in the house. She is based in Hongkong and her employer is pure Chinese. She had the opportunity to call us because her employer was not at home though she was being monitored in the house.

We called her again and told her to be back as soon as possible. She already reported it to the embassy. As for me, it really broke my heart to hear her cry. This is really alarming not just for my family but to the other families as well. Some decided to go abroad in hope of helping their families to have a good and comfortable life, sacrificing the comfort of home with loved ones, homesickness and the thought of you can’t just run into someone to call for help. It’s not that easy as it looks like.

We are stuck in stereotype thinking that if you are an OFW, you are rich, you send packages full of gadgets, new shoes, imported chocolates and you have lots of money. No.
I hope we can break that culture and as the future comes, Foreign race would be the ones who will work for us. Indeed, it’s not bad to dream big and hope for the best for our county and fellow Filipinos.





If you have an ofw relative, try to contact them and ask how they are doing, or are they fine. You’ll never know what they are actually experiencing right now.

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