Say Cheese!


So I recently looked at our albums, those albums which have my memories on it since I was a baby. I saw random pictures of mine which I looked spontaneous ahahaha! I had this different poses which I looked like I’m a finalist to Asia’s next top model. I wore kikay outfits before when I was a child. And I swear, it’s humiliating seeing those pictures. lol
What I have really proven is that, I love being photographed before.

But now, It’s a different thing. I love taking pictures of stuff but not fond of me, being photographed, not anymore. Well, I guess it answered some of my questions today. Why I love cameras? Why am I a huge fan of high fashion industry? and Why I’m so into photography these days.

I believe that, Cameras and I make some sort of connection that few people would understand. You know, like the urge to take photos even though it’s not really photographed-worthy. It’s a different thing, taking photos of beautiful stuff and taking photos of not-so-beautiful-and-ordinary stuff. Because it’s normal to be quite taken of nice things or those pleasing to the eyes and click the button of your camera.

Yesterday, someone saw me taking pictures along the road and told me that I’m one of the few people who appreciate gloomy days and take pictures from it. I told him that he must be used to it ’cause that’s the way I am and forever will be. I know he won’t fully understand me but I’ll thank him for trying out his best. What I’m really trying to say here is, I’m not a fan of usual commercial beauties, it’s really the odd and imperfects that leave me astounded. And I think, one of the major roles of being a photographer or aspirant, is being able to see the good and authenticity of the subject you are capturing even though almost all of the people think it’s not worthy to be photographed.

I don’t consider myself a pro to this area, more of a learner still, I guess. But as I quote “Awesome photos aren’t because of the subject or the camera you used, It’s the fuel which burns inside and comes out as passion which channels to your eyes, through the lenses and delivers photos which you aren’t expecting to be that beautiful.”

Just remember that you can be a photographer of your own. Don’t let others judge your or belittle you just because your a newbie. Do your own thing and what makes you happy. It’s free, no one’s going to charge you for that.




Hi Guys, How ‘ya doin’? Have you been engaging to your own kind of hobbies. Let me know on the comment section below 🙂

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