Villa Filomena Natural Spring Resort

Before the month ends, I had the opportunity to go out of town with my older cousins. Actually, they planned it earlier without me in the picture. They already told me the day before the outing so it was not really plotted on my weekend scheme. We were finalizing for the place we were about … Continue reading Villa Filomena Natural Spring Resort

Freedom You Actually Thought

You thought freedom is about expressing what you are feeling. That freedom is embracing those moving butterflies in your stomach, being consumed of the thought how magical it is. You thought that freedom is actually giving in to your emotions. That it is good to surrender for a while since you were timid for a very … Continue reading Freedom You Actually Thought

What a Time to be Alive

What the fudge! Is it really 2017? I just remember how the previous year came like a lightning bolt and now we will journey another year with hopes of having a prosperous life, setting new goals to mark and making yourself a better person than yesterday. The ambiance of welcoming another year gives us positivity … Continue reading What a Time to be Alive

It’s Christmas Time

Christmas is more than a day in December It's all of those things that we love to remember Its carolers singing familiar refrains Bright colored stockings and shiny toy trains Streamers of tinsel and grey satin balls Laughter that rings through the house and its halls Christmas is more than a day in December It's … Continue reading It’s Christmas Time