What a Time to be Alive


What the fudge! Is it really 2017? I just remember how the previous year came like a lightning bolt and now we will journey another year with hopes of having a prosperous life, setting new goals to mark and making yourself a better person than yesterday. The ambiance of welcoming another year gives us positivity which manifests from the outside through our soul thus making us inevitable for a change. It also gives us the power to let go of the baggage that we’ve been carrying for too long.

Well, I say, 2016 was a pretty rough year from me. Challenges in our family rained but we managed to get through of it with our hands held up high. I clung quite long to my so called friends and came to my knowledge that they were stabbing my freedom-wall-liked-back. I learned that some people hide their inner wolf with sheep’s clothing. Not knowing that they can swallow you at your most vulnerable time. I learned that people are so quick to believe in rumors as long as it’s the worst but not believing on fact about your best. It made me more cautious on choosing people to trust and gave me the key to open doors to new people who are true and who can love me more than I deserve. Yeah, I raise my middle finger to gossipers, to fake friends who showed fake love, to judgemental people who had opinions which weren’t needed, to doubters who most believed that I can’t make it and to people who willed to bring me down but didn’t succeed. I raise my middle finger not to mock you but to wave you a goodbye.

While, on the other hand, I open my arms wide to embrace those people who actually stayed with me, those who talked in front of me about my shortcomings and talked behind my back about my success, those people who are true and loyal to me, those people who brought the best in me, those people who believed that I can, those people who made my faith in humanity stronger, those people who made my 2016 colorful and thrilling, to my friends, to my loved ones, to my family, to my man who I fell in love with and makes me fall in love with him every single day and to my God who loves me even before the birth of the world. To all of you, I open these arms wide.

And now, I’m untangling myself from the ropes of 2016. I am ready to walk away and leave it behind. The lessons that I earned will be kept in a vintage box and it will be forever treasured. I raise a white mantel as I welcome another year and pull a trigger as a start of something new. My words for you 2017?.. Bring it on!





Happy New Year y’all! 🙂

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