Food Park – The Yard @ Xavierville

No one can stop me when it comes to discovering new places to do food tripping. And finally, I've been able to come here even though it's a bit far from where I'm residing. The Yard at Xavierville is a food park which offers different varieties of food. It has 30 stalls and 22 new dishes … Continue reading Food Park – The Yard @ Xavierville

10 Statements You Have to Tell Yourself Everyday

  Today is a new day. Maybe yesterday was not that good or the day before yesterday or the previous week. But what matters most is today. Everyday is an opportunity to make progress, improve the things that you are lacking and achieve the goals you made. I am loved. You are loved by  God, your … Continue reading 10 Statements You Have to Tell Yourself Everyday

Mt. Maculot – Day Hike

I had a great start of February when we decided to climb a mountain. Actually, before the actual day, it rained mostly on the southern part of Luzon so we had second thoughts to push through. But since all our stuff were packed, there's no turning back. Look at us right there, hyped to climb … Continue reading Mt. Maculot – Day Hike

Planetshakers Awakening – Manila, 2017

January 13,2017 @ Araneta Coliseum -- I got to experience a concert to start off the year             A wonderful experience and glad that I was with my man to praise the Ultimate Being. Looking forward for another concert next year.           -- Just a collection … Continue reading Planetshakers Awakening – Manila, 2017