Mt. Maculot – Day Hike

I had a great start of February when we decided to climb a mountain. Actually, before the actual day, it rained mostly on the southern part of Luzon so we had second thoughts to push through. But since all our stuff were packed, there’s no turning back.

Look at us right there, hyped to climb hahahaha! (forgive me for the qualities of photos since my orig photos were deleted and now I have to use those photos which were uploaded on facebook, and it sucks!)


*Basic Information:
Name: Mt. Maculot or Mt. Macolod
Location: Cuenca, Batangas
Height: Summit = 930 masl. Rockies = 706 masl.
Difficulty: 4/9
Trail Class : 1-3
Guide : Required/ Mandatory


Tips on how to get there:
– From Manila Bus Station, ride a bus heading to Lemery, Batangas.
that’s 150php. Tell the Ticketing Officer to drop you off to Cuenca, Batangas.
– From Cuenca, Batangas, there are tricycle terminals which will directly head you to     the starting line of the mountain. that’s only 20php


The Jump off:
(facebook quality sucks! really!)

Of course, we rented a Guide since it’s a requirement before you can climb the mountain. Our first stop is the Grotto, wherein you must pass the 14 stations of the cross to get there. We noticed that the trails were cemented and formed like a staircase. Some of my friends preferred it, but as for me, not really a forte.

1st Station of the Cross

2nd Station of the Cross


3rd Station of the Cross


4th Station of the Cross


5th Station of the Cross


6th Station of the Cross


7th Station of the Cross


8th Station of the Cross


9th Station of the Cross


10th station of the Cross


11th Station of the Cross


12th Station of the Cross


13th Station of the Cross


14th Station of the Cross


It might look easy to climb but it wasn’t even though it’s cemented. We reached the 14th station and managed to go to the Grotto.
This view astounded us

You might think it’s the summit already, well you’re wrong. As Kuya Guide said, it’s just a warm up. This was the start of something new or should I say something harder hahahahha!


We really had a hard time climbing to the summit since it was muddy and slippery due to rainfalls of yesterday. So we really had to be extra careful on setting our next step.

Plus, the stuff that we were carrying were adding to that so called extra challenge.
And hey! still we managed to do this pose even though we slipped many times

We also met some little creatures..



After heavy breathes, thick sweats, slippery moments, the ouch & oohs and two and half hours, we reached the summit from the Grotto

Look at our fulfilled faces with please-don’t-climb-again-when-it-rained-expression-traces HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Dabbing at the summit


We also went to the Rockies



And our shoes..
From the look of our shoes, you’ll really notice that it wasn’t an easy peasy climb.



Our expenses:
Group of 6

Fare: 400php/person – 2 ways
Guide: 800php = 134php each
Food: Packed our own foods but we did bring extra money
If you wanted to take a bath or the nature is calling you after a tiring hike, there are restrooms available at the feet of the mountain.
that would be 20php.
And if you’re hungry, they are also offering Lomi, which the town of Batangas is known of.
That would be 50 php for the regular Lomi and 100php for the special.

So I think, 800php is the safe budget for one inclusive of pocket money.

Piece of Advice:
Pack lightly
– Do not go for a hike when it rained
– Bring lots of water



Instagram snaps 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For more photos, click here 🙂


It was really a memorable experience and a break from the city trip. I am thrilled that I did this on the start of the  year 🙂
Hoping for the next climb! Weeee!




For more infos, kindly email me or just comment down below 🙂

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