10 Statements You Have to Tell Yourself Everyday



  1. Today is a new day. Maybe yesterday was not that good or the day before yesterday or the previous week. But what matters most is today. Everyday is an opportunity to make progress, improve the things that you are lacking and achieve the goals you made.

  2. I am loved. You are loved by  God, your family, friends and those people who didn’t find it hard to love and care for you.  And of course, out of all of these, you should love yourself also. I don’t mean by being self-centered but by giving yourself the love you deserve. That’s the golden rule.

  3. I am enough. If you don’t think you aren’t, well, you are my dear. You just have to get rid of all those negativity imposed by our society today. Your body is enough. Your face is enough. Your talents are enough. The stuff you have is enough. You have always been and always will be enough.

  4. I’m going to kill it today and I’ll be victorious. Sometimes, amazing things can happen when you least expect them. You have to be positive and do some extra miles. Claim success because you are destined to be. Know that you already won the champion cup, you just need to run.

  5. Life goes on. If you fail, then try again. Don’t linger on your mistakes or sufferings. Move forward because nothing lasts forever. Things might be terrible or surprising but you should go on with life. When you fall, stand up and start again. Turning another side of the box requires courage and hope that things will get better eventually.

  6. Others don’t define me. Your parents and siblings don’t define you. What people say in social media sites don’t define you. Your past doesn’t define you. Opinions of others don’t define you. You define yourself. Remove your family, siblings, society, education, possession and religion, even your clothes.. that’s you, the real and raw you.

  7. I am the sculptor of my life. You are the molder of your life. You have the power to decide what shape or size your life would be. You are the only one who can make your life successful and who can bring forth victories. If it’s in the movies. You are the protagonist or the lead character. So grab your chisel & hammer and start sculpting.

  8. I deserve the best. As people would say “Don’t settle for anything less”. Well, you shouldn’t really settle for less. God has so much in store for you and that’s all for your best. You are special. You deserve diamonds and all the sparkly gems in this world.

  9. I am a blessing to others. ‘You are blessed to be a blessing’ God didn’t just add a day to your life because you needed it, he added it because someone out there needs you. Know that everything you touch will be blessed. And each day is an opportunity to be a blessing to others. Grab it.

  10. I am awesome. You are beautiful inside and out in any form, in any state or in any dimension. It’s unfair for yourself if you don’t hear this enough, so make it a habit. Each person has different ways to be awesome, you just have to remind yourself of yours.






Make it habit people. 🙂 Sending you some inspirations! Comment down below on what statement you are struck. 💘

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