Food Park – The Yard @ Xavierville

No one can stop me when it comes to discovering new places to do food tripping. And finally, I’ve been able to come here even though it’s a bit far from where I’m residing. The Yard at Xavierville is a food park which offers different varieties of food. It has 30 stalls and 22 new dishes to try. So to those people who have food neophobia, this place might be a good venue to conquer your fear. It is exactly located at 83 Xavierville, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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How to get there from Cavite :

  • From Cavite, ride a bus going to Cubao
  • From Cubao, go to the Gateway Mall. You can either take the LRT-2 to Katipunan or ride on a jeep along Aurora Blvd. headed to Cogeo, SSS, Parang or Calumpang.
  • Get down to Katipunan station (if LRT-2) or under Katipunan fly-over (if riding the jeep). Cross to the other side.
  • From there, you can walk towards the Yard or ride a tricycle from Esteban Abada.

Or if you’re as lazy as me to commute, then you can head off to MOA and take an Uber hahahaha! Yes, you’re right. We took an Uber from MOA up to The Yard. It was a bit late when we left our places so we had no choice.

Munching moment
To be honest, we were not able to photograph some of the foods that we had eaten because of hunger. But here are some snaps that we were able to do so.

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Mac ‘n Chicks ; Budget for two = 250php

As you can see, you would be able to count the fries using your fingers since I was not able to keep myself from eating it HAHAHAHA!

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HongKong Street Foodie ; Budget for two =  200php

I also tried this Scallop Cake. Actually, I had three sticks but I already ate the two. 😂

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Fratello ; Budget for two = 300php

After munching meats and seafood, I ordered dark mocha frappe as cool as me. Who would have thought that cotton candy and frappes go hand in hand, right?

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Gulp Station; Budget for two = 100php

Another cool drink is this one. Who can resist gulping this four season with a bulb light container.

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Ice Box ; Budget for two = 300php

A Nitrogen ice cream cakes for dessert.

Other Stalls:
The Black Plate –
Japanese Cuisine, Budget for two = 200php
Epicure –
Drinks, Budget for two = 400php
Takami – Asian Cuisine, Budget for two = 150php
Rustic box Steakhouse – American Cuisine, Budget for two = 500php
*Dip N Dough – Desserts, Budget for two = 200php
Milkshake Lab – Desserts/Beverages, Budget for two = 200php
El Chapo’s – Filipino/Mexican Cuisine, Budget for two = 300php
Tokyo Tempura – Japanese Street food, Budget for two = 150php
Chix N Biz – Filipino Cuisine, Budget for two = 500php
Flat Bread – Bread and Pastries, Budget for two = 200php
Waff – Desserts, Budget for two = 300php
Prawn Star – Seafood, Budget for two = 500php
Smoke and Barrel – Fast Food, Budget for two = 200php
Hal Kabab Express – Middle Eastern, Budget for two = 300php
The Subwich Factory – American Cuisine, Budget for two = 300php
You can check other stalls here

If you want to have a taste of all the foods  they are offering, then I would say that
1000php budget is not enough.

Snaps (all photos are mine)

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Yard at Xavierville is open at 4pm until 12 midnight. For more infos, contact 0917-805-6939. Or just comment down below. Here’s to more food adventure Foodies 🙂

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