8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2017


I was thrilled when my friends and I had decided to watch Pyromusical which was held at MOA Seaside, Pasay City. Actually, we were on the verge of not buying tickets since it was an open ground event, our presumption was that we would be able to see the fireworks even though we didn’t have tickets on our hands. But when we arrived at the place, the way and the halls into the open grounds were barricaded. Only people who had tickets were the ones who could pass through. So we were left with no choice at all. We asked some ticket booth officers there and made known to us that there were Sunsilk Promos which we availed. We just bought some of their products which costed for just P199.00 and bwalah! we got free gold tickets for the event. The normal price for the gold tickets was P300.oo so we had saved P100.00 plus we had shampoos and conditioners. That’s what you called Wise Buying HAHAHAHAHA! The show started at exactly 8:30 pm but before we came at the grounds we first bought snacks and drinks which we could munch during the event.


8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2017 Schedule:
February 18,2017
Philippines, Platinum Fireworks, INC. (Opening Show)
France, Pyragric

February 18,2017
Germany, Steffes-Olig, Feuerwerke
Germany, Nico Events

February 25, 2017
China, Polaris Fireworks
China, Lidu Fireworks

March 4, 2017
Canada, Garden City Display Fireworks
Canada, Hands Fireworks

March 11, 2017
United Kingdom, Pyrotex Fireworks
United Kingdom, Pyro 2000

March 18, 2017
Australia, Skylighter Fireworx
Philippines, Platinum Fireworks, INC. (Closing Show)


The performing country when we went was Canada. The gates opened at 4:00. I enjoyed every bits of the show. It was indeed a spectacular event since I am drawn to fireworks ever since I was a child. And another fact which made it special was I was watching fireworks with my friends.


image_6483441 (6)

image_6483441 (5)


image_6483441 (1)




Ticket Prices
Silver – P100.00 
Gold – P300.00
VIP – P600.00
Patron with Dinner – P1,500.00

Probably, the next Pyromusical will be next year. So to those people who didn’t have opportunity to watch it, you still have next time which you can look forward to.

image_6483441 (4)




Hi Guys, How are y’all doin’? 🙂

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