21 and legal! (Proceed with caution)

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And it’s official, I’m 21 years old! Time flies so fast. I can still remember the day I celebrated my 7th birthday as fresh as the morning dew dripping from one leaf to another and now my 21st. I rarely feel that I am an adult but it comes down with a realization that I ain’t getting any younger now. Somehow, my views and perspectives in life changed, others remain the same and still getting few from others and random experiences. I somehow managed to come up with decisions that would not freak out my life compared from the years back then. Though, I don’t feel 21-ish or something, maybe because how at pace the time is or should I say how slow I am to adjust. Either way around, I’m still happy.

I celebrated my birthday not as extravagant as my birthday years ago but still felt more contented and happy. My Mom just prepared home-cooked meals. Some relatives and close friends came to our house to celebrate my year. Some of my friends and I went out to a specific Korean buffet restaurant. I also went to a fine-dining restaurant with my Man in one of my favorite places in the south. In line with celebrating my birthday, I also got back to school once again, around three weeks now to be exact. I’m taking up Bachelor of Science in Psychology which was my first choice before I took up my previous course which I didn’t finish. My heart is delighted to be able to work, study and do business at the same time and these all happened in my birth month. I can say that not all gifts come from colorful wraps, some gifts will pass by you without even noticing unless it would appear right in front of you. I thank God for the unwavering strength which he continuously provides that’s why I am able to hustle multiple tasks a day. Mere words can’t express my gratitude so maybe I will express it by putting effort and grace in all that I do.

I know I have a lot of years ahead of me and I can’t wait to venture it. Twenty one years is no joke being able to learn from my mistakes, adventures, mishaps, fortunes and experiences gained. And I can’t wait to share my escapades and write it in here for all you guys. Let’s all be fearless and lustful to wander.

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset



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