I Made Mistakes and That’s Okay

Some people made mistakes and they used these mistakes to change in a positive way, some realized their mistakes then motivated themselves not to repeat the same mistakes they made in the past. Some were aware of it but did nothing. And others are still doing the same thing they did in the past and their conscience is nowhere to be found. Now, which of these statements can you categorize yourself?

I am amazed by those people who did not let down themselves by staying low at their darkest time. Instead they used this kind of situation to strengthen themselves. They became wiser, bolder and more genuine. They are the kind of people who thought that they are more than the shortcomings, mishaps and wrongs they made. They are the ones who would rise up even though they fell many times. They are not afraid to face the consequences which are the result of their action. They are the ones who can stand up and have the guts to say ” I am wrong”. They are the people who believe that there is no constant in this world but change. And if they consider change, they change for the better. And then there are people who are fully aware of the wrong deeds they acted upon someone or something but did nothing and worse they are still tolerating themselves to do these kind of acts. They are the people who have no conscience at all or should I say conscience is not in their vocabulary. They are the ones who find it satisfying if other people would blame themselves for the wrongs which they actually did. They find satisfaction when they blame someone for the stuff they did because it saves them from tiny inch of guilt. They are the ones who push others to sin with them, to act unfaithful and lie to the people who are dear to you. They want you to do this kind of things because their minds are already distorted from the fact that their deeds are wrong and unjust. They are worst than robbers because they want to take your sanity and change your mindset into thinking that being unfaithful to someone is right because it feels good. They want you to think that to lie is right because it feels good. They want you to think that tolerating wrong deeds is right because it feels good. Beware of these kind of people. They are hiding in sheep’s clothing well in fact they are wolves who are ready to mangle you once you let your guard down. They are the people who want you to think that you can trust them but after a while they’ll betray you like nothing has happened.

I am not saying that I never committed something wrong well in fact I had series of events inwhich I can truly say I did mistakes and it was a recent event. But being aware of the fact that I was actually wrong is necessary to be able to break free from that situation. I am never without wrongs nor imperfections and I can never say that I am perfect. I am far beyond those saints but it’s not too late to change and be the change you want to see from others. You can’t convince people to change if you, yourself have never undergone change. And if you just committed mistakes to people you hold dear or to something whether in your job, school or a decision, it’s okay. It’s not too late to change and be a better person today. As Vinsmoke Sanji said ”If you’re too afraid of making mistakes, you won’t be able to do anything.” Just remember, a mistake once committed is a mistake. A habitual mistake is never a mistake for those people who made it a routine.








Charm Wanderer EZBZ9924[1]

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