I Made Mistakes and That’s Okay

Some people made mistakes and they used these mistakes to change in a positive way, some realized their mistakes then motivated themselves not to repeat the same mistakes they made in the past. Some were aware of it but did nothing. And others are still doing the same thing they did in the past and … Continue reading I Made Mistakes and That’s Okay

21 and legal! (Proceed with caution)

And it's official, I'm 21 years old! Time flies so fast. I can still remember the day I celebrated my 7th birthday as fresh as the morning dew dripping from one leaf to another and now my 21st. I rarely feel that I am an adult but it comes down with a realization that I … Continue reading 21 and legal! (Proceed with caution)

Let’s Choose to Listen

I woke up not too late but also not early. My Mom dashed to my room to call me for breakfast. I have to prep myself for some stuff. While eating, I am reminded of the news which had me preoccupied for the last three days. Someone did commit suicide.  S U I C I … Continue reading Let’s Choose to Listen

10 Statements You Have to Tell Yourself Everyday

  Today is a new day. Maybe yesterday was not that good or the day before yesterday or the previous week. But what matters most is today. Everyday is an opportunity to make progress, improve the things that you are lacking and achieve the goals you made. I am loved. You are loved by  God, your … Continue reading 10 Statements You Have to Tell Yourself Everyday

What a Time to be Alive

What the fudge! Is it really 2017? I just remember how the previous year came like a lightning bolt and now we will journey another year with hopes of having a prosperous life, setting new goals to mark and making yourself a better person than yesterday. The ambiance of welcoming another year gives us positivity … Continue reading What a Time to be Alive